July 16, 2008

wicked photographer

Choosing a photographer was a pretty simple task for us because we happen to have some ultra talented photographer friends who are guaranteed not to take your standard/boring wedding posey shots. Very sadly, Melanie is moving to Toronto so she won't be able to shoot for us (but fingers crossed that she makes the trip back to be a guest). Thankfully over the past year Mel has introduced us to Shannon Lepere, her fantastic partner in photography crime. We're super pumped to have Shannon shooting for us so I thought I'd share some of her work featuring the lovely Miss Melanie as her model. Check out more of Shannon's work on her website: www.shannonlepere.com. All the best Mel, we'll miss you tremendously... now lets just hope Shannon doesn't get any ideas about skipping town!


Anonymous said...

im really pumped that you enjoy my work! cant wait to shoot your wedding! :)

Mel said...

Miss you guys too!
I'll try my best to make it, and will never go anywhere without my camera... lol shan i'm sure they'll kiss long enough for you to get a great picture!