September 11, 2008

a new found love

I am completely in love with Gocco. What's that? The best little screenprinting device I have ever laid hands on and thanks to my Pig for introducing me to fun, its my new fav thing. My first project was our Save-the-Dates, which I've been working away at this week. No sneak peek yet... they'll be going out in the mail by next week.

September 10, 2008

what a way to go!

I haven't even bought my dress yet but I have to say, if I can bear to trash it after the wedding - this would be the way! I've been contemplating how to involve my gorgeous 3rd B in some wedding shots and, almost any way you cut it, it inevitably involves trashing the dress... so why not just go for it all out? I think its great and I think my B-equine would too (in a less cowboy more equestrian fashion, of course).

September 4, 2008

hands-free bridal shopping

Round one of the dress search is complete! Checked out some over-priced hometown stores on the weekend to get started in the crusade to find "the one". Fantastic first experience even if it didn't end in a purchase.

david's dresses

These dresses are from David's Bridal. There's a store in Duluth. Myself + 1 Lady will be there in October. Prices are good - $135 US. I like the mix of styles for the mix of girls. Easiest option?

September 2, 2008

dresses of a different shade

Oh the bridesmaid dress dilemma... so many options, such a tough choice. A bride featured on Little White Book decided on a scheme that I think looks absolutely fabulous, allows each attendant to choose their own attire, and allows attendants to buy from wherever they like at whatever cost they choose. Kind of seems to make sense I think. Check out the planning and the outcome below.