December 30, 2014

grey and white

Not done but EXCITING!

December 28, 2014

the end is near

I imagine anyone who has/is renovating can understand this sentiment: almost DONE! Yet that finish line is still just over the hill. Small things like switching electrical outlets, getting glass cut for cabinet doors, hanging shelves, grouting and the most dreaded task - scraping/patching/painting the ceiling are yet to be completed. All the tile is up now though! And painting the lower cabinets is well underway. Here's the latest: 

December 20, 2014

painted uppers

More progress! The upper doors are painted and up. Well 7 of them. The other 4 need new glass cut for them. The paint is Benjamin Moore Advance and it's been fantastic to work with!

And now on to painting the lower cabinets... New Years deadline?