August 31, 2009

etsy love - part 6

As favours for our guests we had button magnets displayed on a magnetic frame (more to come on that later). There were 10 different designs so guests could chose which ones they liked and take home 2 of them. I was worried about people losing their 2 little magnets so I got some mini glassine bags for guests to put their selections in and take home. They're about 2" x 3.5" and are from etsy seller nicepackage.

(Image via nicepackage)

August 27, 2009

etsy love - part 5

When I was searching for a custom guest book when I came across some beautiful birch fabric on a hand-bound book by etsy seller Life Stories Books. It was perfect, so a custom book made with the following details: 6" X 9"with 36 pages of natural white Fabriano Artistico 90lb watercolor paper (heavy enough to include photos) and 72 pages of Arches Text Wove paper. The book has been sewn using coptic, kettle, and long stitches with grey waxed linen thread and a wide linen lace ribbon ties the album closed. I have to admit I haven't yet perused our guest book since the wedding - I think maybe we'll will wait a while and look through it together.

(Images via LifeBookStories)

August 25, 2009

etsy love - part 4

For our ultra-stylin' groomsmen we found some equally ultra-stylin' ties. They're "topograpical error" ties from etsy seller toybreaker. The screenprint is of distressed remnants of 1900's sea-depth estimates taken in Scandinavian and Arctic waters. We loved them because of B's Navy connection as well as our overall love for maps. The groomsmen wore dove ink on navy and B wore dove ink on khaki.

(Images via toybreaker)

etsy love - part 3

Since my husband (love the way that sounds) and I are from different parts of the province and our relationship was hugely defined by the vast distance, I decided to get him some cute cufflinks to celebrate our wedding day. His custom pair consists of vintage maps of Thunder Bay/Woodstock and were made by etsy seller foundling. I just love them, and I'm pretty sure B does too.

(Image via foundling)

August 24, 2009

etsy love - part 2

As gifts to my bridesmaids I found lovely necklaces by etsy seller Elizabeth Rosas Jewelry. I love how simple and delicate these are and they went well with the ruffles on the girls' dresses. I wanted to find something the girls could wear again. These necklaces were a custom order and I got one for myself as well.

With the necklaces I also gave to the girls each a pair of little Larimar post earrings from the Dominican Republic (our engagement location).

(Images via ERosasjewelry)

August 20, 2009

etsy love - part 1

As a special gift to my maid-of-honour, who literally heard every single detail of my wedding planning process from a far, I gave her a super cute pencil case by madebyhank. I adore this etsy seller's work. I'm quite positive she'll one day be big and famous, her stuff is just so great. I stalked her blog and shop for ages waiting for a listing of the perfect fabric combo. The houndstooth on this green little number totally sold me. So, to my m-o-h extraordinaire - thanks pig!

(Images via madebyhank)

August 13, 2009

another tid bit

Shannon finished up with our photos last night and now we have 500+ amazing shots to pick and chose from. Here's another little sample. Photo by Shannon LePere.

On a side note - B and I celebrated our 1 month anniversary from different provinces as his Navy mistress occupied has him for a while. I miss my husband! Thankfully he'll be home just in time for the 2 month mark.