December 21, 2012

kitchen re-fresh part 2

Coming along! A million and one flooring samples later we've made a decision and are awaiting the arrival of our new flooring. That'll get underway in January. Followed by new countertops and backsplash. And eventually dark refinished cabinets. Exciting stuff!

December 14, 2012

the start of winter

 Here's a couple little snaps of my little loveys. L around 18 months and his sibling to come (about 20 weeks at the time).

project bathroom de-80's

Progress has been moving along on operation "fix up our house before baby #2 arrives". It's slow-going but it's happening so that's what matters! The bathroom was first to get started. Ripping out the 80's strip of tile was probably the most gratifying home reno I've ever done! Closely followed by removing the frosted bird shower doors. And the new paint looks fab, though isn't pictured. Left to do is: 1)Flooring 2) Install Vanity 3) Replace Toilet 4) Replace light fixture 5) Hang Towel Bars/Hooks. The changes in our bathroom are relatively minor but here's a little sneak peek.