February 28, 2011

more sewing

While B was out on the west coast earlier this month I had some time to do some sewing after I finished my quilt. Just a few simple little projects - some terry cloth lined burp clothes, a little stroller blanket set, a cover for my new printer and a back-sized heat bag (which has been WELL loved!).

February 25, 2011


Our nursery is far from complete but the majority of the things going in it are here, just not in place yet. I was browsing around Flickr and came across a nursery that I absolutely LOVE. It is kind of where I'm headed with our nursery - a nice neutral wall colour + bits of all kind of bright colours and patterns. Those windows are to die for, I sure wish we had those in our nursery! In fact, even the layout of the room is even very similar to ours. Here's a peek at thebline's beautiful space.

[photo by Amy Bethune via Flickr]

February 18, 2011

more large-scale art

The animal tea towels I got a while back are now framed and waiting to be hung in the nursery and I am so thrilled with how they turned out. I've got my eye on another tea towel that I think would be fabulous to frame - City Towel: Day by EVRT.

February 17, 2011


I'm so excited to receive this Pack N Play from my mom! She had an "excited grandma" moment and got a whole bunch of stuff sent to us. Some stuff off my Babys-R-Us registry (which is available online) and some stuff from Sears (where I have not yet registered but will).

February 12, 2011

i heart my sewing machine

Pregnancy has me feeling wonderfully domestic :) I've been putting my sewing machine to good use in the last few weeks and have a bunch more projects planned to finish before April. This is my first quilt - gender-neutral, for our little one. Lots of work but definitely worth it!

February 11, 2011


Although I still and will always love my dress I can't help but drool over these Paloma Blanca beauties. Maybe it's because my waist is gone and the prospect of ever fitting back into the gorgeous dress hanging in my closet is quite daunting at the moment! B's super awesome cousin is getting married this summer and she is going to look SO hot in her gown. And I will have post-baby motivation to wear a cute dress by August.

February 8, 2011

cute AND practical!

Oh my goodness - I LOVE this Boon Loop Diaper Caddy! My fingers are crossed very tightly that I can get one of these when they are available in the spring. Made by Boon, makers of the Grass Bottle Dryer, also on my wish list. They have SO many cute modern and useful products for less than an arm and a leg.

February 6, 2011

a lazyboy compromise

We finally found a chair that B and I both found comfortable. Of course it's not as sleek and pretty as I imagined but I just can't get a chair like that in Tbay. So, after much deliberation we decided on a La-Z-Boy Pinnacle in a cozy dark chocolate brown. To make it a smidge more modern I added the stainless handle, which means our semi-custom chair won't arrive for a couple months.

February 4, 2011

21 recycled bottles

I loooove Matt & Nat, the cool Canadian company that makes ultra-stylish and durable bags from recycled materials (the 2 wallets I own still look brand new after 3+ years). So, when I came across a beautiful diaper bag of theirs at Winners I couldn't resist. It came with a nice padded change pad and has tons of handy pockets. It may not be as husband friendly as I might have planned, hehehe – the it's the white one below and has pink lining.

diaper bag

There's a slew of nice diaper bags out there. I'm not tied to the title of "diaper bag" if I can find a functional bag from a non-baby source, but many actual diaper bags have some decent features like a change pad. Trying to stick with fairly gender-neutral and reasonably husband-friendly. These are my favs to date...

February 3, 2011

cute clocks

The clocks are SO cute and they're letterpress and eco-friendly. They come with crayons to colour them in but I love them just as they are!

February 1, 2011

so blik'n awesome

I have searched and searched Etsy for the perfect wall decals for our nursery and nothing seems quite right. Today I discovered Blik with designs by Threadless! Love threadless and even own a little onezie in the animal alphabet at the top - could it be more perfect?!