August 2, 2008

the look of love

Here it is: visions of our wedding that have been dancing in my head! A trip out to our venue this week had me very inspired and super excited for the gigantic and fun party we'll be having next year, aka our wedding! I think I'm researched out now and am pumped to get going on the actual "doing" of making this all happen.

August 1, 2008

back to solids

I'm such a flip-flop-er, I know: prints, no solids, no prints! Thank goodness for my bridesmaids its all just empty ramblings since the real dress hunt has not yet begun. I'll wait to check out dresses in Minnesota come October's Tegan & Sara concert. {Oh Tegan & Sara, how I love you so!} Back to the dresses, this one is super cute AND unbelievably affordable. Its shocking actually... its only $39US from Newport News. This poor model's shoes are hideous but the dress is oh so pretty!

While in the US in the fall I plan on checking out Watters and Davids. Here are some cute dresses from those stores. The nice thing about Watters dresses is that they're available in most major cites so it might be the simplest route. And prices are decent, under $200, but are they too formal?

in dreams...

There are 4 things that I know to be true about today's posting:
1. B never reads my blog so I'm definitely not spoiling anything here,
2. These Lazaro and Lela Rose dresses are way way out of my price range,
3. They are much too fancy for our casual outdoor event and
4. I would love love love to wear any one of them none-the-less!