February 24, 2009

great finds

I haven't written specifically about my love affair with Etsy and that's probably because I spend every spare minute checking for some sweet finds rather than writing about how great it is. I love Etsy, and have bought some great things via the site, but my only complaint is that there is so much stuff listed on there that it can be hard to find the real gems. Well, I came across a site today that seems to be void of less-than-desirable items! Supermarket is wonderful. In the few minutes I looked I came across these awesome little items of Designer goodness - Wooden USBs & a Metal Type Money Clip. So fab!

February 4, 2009


I can't remember where I found this last week but I think its wonderful. A great thought to keep in mind in both the wedding planning process and everyday.

February 3, 2009

could it be true?

I adore Lela Rose's wedding gowns. They were on my wish list back when I started looking. Then she came out with bridesmaid dresses and they are equally stunning. And now I learn that she also does shoes! While neither my dress nor my bridesmaid's dresses are Lela Rose but I'm quite liking the shoes and especially the prices. So cheap.