May 27, 2009

custom stamp

The return addresses on our invitation envelopes were hand stamped by B with a custom stamp from Paperwink. The stamp comes in a cute linen bag and the girls at Paperwink have excellent customer service. Their website is also super cute. Greenweddingshoes blogged about them today and it reminded me of that awesome little detail on our invites. Photo by Greenweddingshoes.

May 26, 2009

honeymooning pt. 2

B sent me this link today - it's totally our theme song for the cruise.
Give it a listen.

May 25, 2009


2 months from now we'll be Mr. & Mrs. and we'll be mid-honeymoon, livin' it up on the Norwegian Gem. We are unbelievable excited about our honeymoon! On Monday, July 13th we depart for 5 days in Barcelona followed by a 7-day Mediterranean cruise up the coast of Italy. While in Barcelona we're staying at 2 fabulous design hotels - BHotel (meant to B, so it seems) and Hotel Jazz. Then we hit the seas in our awesome Stateroom with Balcony and check out Valletta, Naples, Rome, Florence/Pisa, Cannes. Totally perfect!

May 7, 2009

cool stamps

Invitations are out! They are starting to arrive in people's mail boxes and I want to explain a little more about the stamps. B thought my search for interesting stamps was ridiculous but now I have proof it was not a silly task...

The commemorative stamps focus on Preserving the Poles and, coincidentally, they were designed by my friend and classmate Wade Stewart! So awesome!