October 24, 2011

sam + kyle invites

While I was enormously pregnant I worked with B's cousin Sam to make her fun wedding invites. It was such a great project because Sam + Kyle are two of my favourite people and their wedding was in a super cool location - Coney Island in Kenora. Literally the day before I gave birth I handed them over to be mailed... phew, just in time! In August the Crandall family united for the party of the century and we had an amazing time celebrating the long-awaited union of Sam + Kyle.

October 18, 2011

wish list

Skip Hop makes such cute/practical things. Almost anything and everything from them is on my wish list.

October 8, 2011

5 months!

Our little sir is 5 months old already. He's mastered rolling over and loves playing on his tummy. He makes tons of chatty noises and it just melts my heart to hear him say mum-mum-mum even if he's just making sounds. He's also really in love with Berkeley, its so adorable.

baby favs

Our other favourite baby item is hands-down our Video Baby Monitor. It has been so handy to be able to check in on Lachlan while he's sleeping. Sometimes he makes noises but isn't awake and sometimes he's awake but not yet making much noise. And we get to see the adorable positions he sleeps in! Our favourite is bum in the air.