July 9, 2008

more bridesmaid dresses

Its hard to top the beautiful green/white dresses from earlier in the week but it seems I'm a bit bridesmaid dress obsessed these days. I guess because the other big stuff is taken care of I have time to peruse sites for dresses for my gals. I'm undecided on the whole "all the same colour/sytle" or just "all the same colour/different styles" or maybe I'll even go for "all the same general colour with different styles". Probably depends what we find.

Here are some I found today and here's the kicker - they're mostly on the cheap, like under $150 or so. I think if I recall they're from Nordstrom. Now I'm sticking to my colour pallet so that's one step closer. Plus these dresses are fun either way, I'd easily buy any one of them for myself.

1 comment:

LA said...

I love love the black and white one!! :)