January 28, 2015

lookin' real good

It's like a whole new kitchen in here! The lower cabinet doors went back up tonight. Love it! There's a few tiny things left (3 electrical plugs, caulking, tile sealing) but we'll make our deadline for Friday for those things. The ceiling is one major thing left to fix up but that is just going to wait... so daunting. Instead we'll relish in this nearly complete beauty of a kitchen!!

January 26, 2015

getting frosty

Project of the day: frosted glass for our upper cabinets. Looking pretty slick. Might just new to paint the shelves inside since you can really see the white through the glass. Plus, one day I plan to paint the whole insides a fun colour, and organize the junk that's still partially showing through. 

January 25, 2015

bam, grouted!

I'm especially pumped about this almost-final step because it's like icing in the cake, and I had a major hand in the results. My first grouting experience is in the bag. My lovely assistant helped too of course, this really was a team effort that took the afternoon. And the kids were as accommodating as we could ask for with grout up to our eyeballs. "What doing mama?", A's reaction to me up on a ladder awkwardly perched above the sink.