March 24, 2011

more cute bedding

Another line of adorable bedding has popped up! Auggie's super cute and simple combo of trees and horses would have been just perfect for our nursery. Why oh why must I find these things when the room is 90% done? Maybe that's why I've still been holding off on finishing the crib skirt and bumper pads (which won't get used for quite some time anyway)...

March 15, 2011

too cute!

Skip Hop just introduced a new line of bedding that might just be one of my all-time faves. I definitely would have used it as inspiration for our nursery! Some things are still a little in progress with the nursery so maaaaaybe I can work some of these cute owl items in. Or maybe I have to just finish the few projects that are on the go and call it a day, hahaha.

I am currently taking my first crack at reupholstering a chair found on kijiji. So far, so good and I will post before/after pics when it is complete! And B has been doing an amazing job of refinishing a dresser which will be our change table, soon to be complete. Plus he's painting the closet for me - small detail but I think it'll be nice when its done.

March 14, 2011


I've joined Pinterest! Noteworthy things that I find in my internet travels are posted there, which is kind of nice because it helps me keep track of where I've found things. Below is a sample of something pinned to my "nursery inspiration" board - a cool poster by Julie Mercier.

March 5, 2011

big art

B and I love maps and have recently hung a replication of a very cool vintage hand-drawn map in our mud room. Another cool and super cheap way of getting some awesome map decor would be this 20" x 28" wrapping paper from Kate's Paperie. The Cavallini World Hemispheres Map is my fav.

March 4, 2011

non-traditional fabrics

Oh! These folks used the same Ikea fabric I have for the nursery. I am making our crib skirt out of the funky bright coloured fabric seen here as curtains. For our room its less over-powering (and the yellow is softer) but it gave me a basis for pops of colour to work with for the art work. And it goes well with the green Ikea rug and the curtains I made from another Ikea fabric. Here's a reminder of how the nursery is shaping up.

March 3, 2011


Sometimes I dream of adding a cute little studio to our property that could double as a work space/guest room. As our family expands maybe one day I'll get my wish. A stunning miniature place like this one via Apartment Therapy would compliment the style of our house perfectly in a nice modern way. Maybe one side could be shed and the other side studio with a loft? Multipurposed :)

March 2, 2011

cool nursery art

I think the walls of our nursery are all full (I say think because nothing is hung yet pending placement of all the furniture), however if I end up with the space I'll definitely get this sweet poster by The Neighborhood Studio. Totally works with all the neutral animal/alphabet/oragami stuff happening in the nursery.