March 31, 2010

big & bold

I loooove design sponge's before & afters. There are so many great and creative DIYs on there and I'm always inspired. I have a long list of "when I have time" projects on my list and re-upholstering a chair with a bold funky pattern is one of them (or rather taking it to somewhere to do said re-upholstering). And I think our new house would really like to have a cool chair.

March 29, 2010

hot ties

I really dig these new ties from toybreaker.

March 25, 2010

first house

Our home will always have a special place in our hearts, being that is was our first. It is where we've lived for 3 amazing years in our lives and we love our little home enormously. However, with the purchase of our new home it is time to say goodbye and list it on the real estate market. The place is spic-and-span and ready for this week's viewings. Take a look.

March 10, 2010

forever house

Boy, lots can change in the span of a week... we bought a new house! At the end of May we move into our dream home located on a dead-end road just within city limits. This is the part of the house that instantly sold me:

March 4, 2010

oh canada

It's hard to describe how amazing it was to be at the Olympics. Once in a lifetime for sure. Definitely incredible, exciting and pride-filled. Most of all I think of how genuinely HAPPY everyone was to be there for such a huge event. Its tough to go from a 24/7 sports bonanza back to regular life, but it will be in my heart forever.

[Video via Stanley Makes Three and yes, it totally brought tears to my eyes]