December 29, 2008

cute vases

I just about lost the link to this but I managed to track it down from How About Orange. I'm hoping to do some cute DIY and this might be one of them!

a few things are done!

The holiday break let me check some items off my wedding "to-do" list:
  • Bridesmaid dresses have been ordered!
  • Wedding gowns have been tried on and I'm deciding between 4 beautiful options!
  • And today I picked up some of the lighting for our venue!

December 15, 2008

new styles

Every now and then I re-visit checking out bridesmaid dresses, and since its starting to get closer to July I should probably avoid putting it off much longer. The Dessy group has some new styles that are very pretty. And the prices are pretty good too - I tried to pick out ones on the lower side. The colour is mocha with an ivory trim, rather Birch Bark-esque. Flowers will be white/green and the wedding being outside means lots of green as well, so hopefully this colour combo won't seem bland.

Top left to right:
1)Dessy Style 6524 2)Aftersix Style 6554 3)Alfred Angelo Style D416

Bottom left to right:
1)Dessy Style 2750 2)Dessy Style 2752IV 3) Dessy Style 2717