July 7, 2008

bridesmaid dresses

I came across these absolutely beautiful images on a photographer's website. I am in love! The bridesmaid dresses are just perfect. Totally the look I was dreaming about - pretty pattern, green and leafy but not overwhelmed with colour, and nice and summery for our july wedding. I adore these dresses. I wonder where they are from...

And check out the wedding cake from the same wedding... in love yet again. So glad someone already planned my dream wedding!

While on the bridesmaid dress topic, I also came across this image on the same photographer's blog. If pattern doesn't work out then simple navy blue dresses are a good possibility, much like these ones. Love the colourful shoes as well. Maybe lime green heels (or flats for my incredibly tall sis-in-law-to-be)... so pretty!

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