December 25, 2009

reception - part 6

Before we knew it it was time for the bus to head back in to town and since the farm is a good 20 minute hike, all the town folk sadly had to leave. I wish we could have kept everyone there together longer! But the bus needed time to go to town and come back to pick up everyone going out to Mink Mountain (us included). The bus ride was an awesome way to end the night. It was eventful... oh Hector... and included a few pit stops along the way. B and I really enjoyed getting to snuggle grade-8-style on a rowdy bus of hooligans! No pro pics from this part of the night, but I'll end things with another of Shannon's gorgeous sparkler shots. Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

reception - part 5

After the cake cutting we did the bouquet/garter stuff. The garter was caught by our incredibly tall friend Stefan and my awesome former roommate (who is the catch of the century!) caught my bouquet.

[Photo by Shannon LePere]

December 23, 2009

reception - part 4

Following dinner the speeches began. Our wonderful friends and family said some very beautiful words and everyone's smiles were big and happy tears were flowing. Then on to the dancing! It was still light out when we got the music going (love the long summer days here in July) but everyone quickly joined in the fun on the dance floor. After about an hour we took a break to cut the cake. Thanks to my hubby for not smearing it all over my face!

[Photo by Shannon LePere]

December 21, 2009

reception - part 3

While everyone ate dinner we had a fun little game to get us to kiss, as per wedding tradition: guests were asked to "graphically design" something with the paper and crayons provided and bring their masterpiece up to us. It was a riot! Our friends are so funny and talented!

The very first one (top left) was given to us within seconds of the MC explaining what to do. While everyone else was being visually creative Alex cut right to the chase. So funny. It's probably still my fav.

December 17, 2009

reception - part 2

I know I've said this a million times, but the food at our wedding was amazing. On a side note: my work Christmas party was recently held at Good News Café and I finally got to try one of the yummy apps that was served at our wedding!

[Images courtesy of Good News Cafe]

December 9, 2009

reception - part 1

When we started the reception at 6pm the light was absolutely perfect. I can't believe how amazing everyone's photos looked in there. Lots of folks still had sunglasses on because the sun was nice and bright. And despite being in a greenhouse the temperature was just right (well for us Ontario people anyway - one of my bridesmaids had just returned from Australia and spent the weekend in a sweater, haha).

[Photo by Shannon LePere]

December 7, 2009

photos/cocktail hour

For an hour and a bit following the ceremony we had some time to take photos. Standard family shots, fun wedding party shots and romantic bride & groom shots. While we did this our guests made their way back down to the area beside the greenhouse and enjoyed delicious cocktails and champagne. Shannon and Mel took some absolutely amazing shots and my MOH was a big help in getting everyone organized.

[Photos by Shannon LePere]

December 1, 2009


Our ceremony was short, sweet and incredibly windy! Our JP, John Guthrie, tied the power of the wind to the power of our love and it was very nice. At one point the wind actually whipped my veil out, which was fantastic! Throughout the ceremony the smiles on our faces were beaming and we kept squeezing each others hands. And then, poof, we were husband and wife!

[Photos by Shannon LePere]