August 21, 2012

walkin' shoes

The long-awaited feat has been conquered! Lachlan is walking. We honestly placed our bets that he'd be walking at 10 months (my guess) or 11 months (B's guess) but our expert crawler decided to wait until he was a pro at 15 months. He doesn't really like to fall, which is any mommy's dream!

Today I ordered some cute new shoes for him since his tiny feet have grown a bit. I'm pretty excited for them to arrive and Tiny Soles seems like a pretty sweet spot to order toddler shoes from. I had to get another pair of pedipeds (top) - the camo pair he has are hands down the best and most worn pair of shoes in his closet... many thanks Linz! We are also trying out some Stride-rite kicks (middle) and cute Robeez ducky boots (bottom) to keep L's feet dry on dewy mornings.


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