April 13, 2011

chair makeover

My little pre-baby project is complete! (well... close enough to complete that I could take some pics, the back panel still needs sewing but what the heck). It may seem silly to change beige upholstery to a different beige upholstery but I think the new one is much much fresher and nicer. It was my first re-upholstery challenge so perfection it is not! But I love it none the less :) And B did an amazing job refinishing the arms for me!

Total cost was $50 (chair on kijiji) + $20 (memory foam) + $6 (upholstery ends on clearance). Plus many many hours of course. This rocker will either stay in the nursery or go into our room since we do also have the La-Z-Boy for hanging out with baby.

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