March 31, 2010

big & bold

I loooove design sponge's before & afters. There are so many great and creative DIYs on there and I'm always inspired. I have a long list of "when I have time" projects on my list and re-upholstering a chair with a bold funky pattern is one of them (or rather taking it to somewhere to do said re-upholstering). And I think our new house would really like to have a cool chair.


mel said...

i also love that there's a 'b' on the table. awww come on, you could upholster one yourselves for sure. i know you must be getting the hang of that sewing machine..!

{acp} said...

i love that too - a little subliminal reason i probably like it. i showed this to B and he said "urgh, that is hideous!" hahaha. i wouldn't do red and grey, so i have to hope its just that that he hates... and no i'm a complete newby with my sewing machine. i think i'll start with some pillow cases once we move.