October 2, 2009

honeymooning - mediterranean cruise

It was a bit of a whirlwind, seeing 4 countries in only a week, and we got to see SO many places and cool things at each port. We decided to book excursions for each place because we didn't want to miss a thing. Our family motto actually is "Live Life to the Fullest" and that we did. The excursions were pretty expensive and made us feel like complete tourists but the amazing experiences were completely worth it. While its hard to chose a fav spot B and I both agree on the French Riviera - if we were insanely rich we would live there for sure. The weather there was a perfect 26 degrees C, which felt especially perfect after melting in 30 to 38 degrees plus for the previous 12 days! And now its apparent that we're Canadian with all this weather talk and even more apparent that we live in one-month-of-summer Northern Ontario.

Day 1 - At Sea

Day 2 - Port: Valetta, Malta -- Excursion:"Scenic Views of Malta"

Day 3 - Port: Naples, Italy -- Excursion: "Taste of Sorrento & Pompeii"

Day 4 - Port: Civitevacchia, Italy -- Excursion: "Rome on Your Own"

Day 5 - Port: Liverno -- Excursion: "Pisa & the Beach"

Day 6 - Port: Cannes, France -- Excursion: "Monacco and a View from Eze"

Day 7 - Port: Barcelona, Spain -- fly home via France/Montreal/Toronto

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