September 25, 2009

greenhouse love

We absolutely loved our venue. The greenhouse at Belluz Farms is very high-tech and cool. The sides and roof open and close and this allowed for an amazing breeze to keep the temperature just right. The light was phenomenal - the photos taken by guests at the reception were fantastic. It's also huge and easily accommodated out 130 guests with a huge dance floor (and we only used 2 of the 3 bays). And the cement floor was wonderful for dancing in my cute chartreuse heels!

(Image by Melanie Godecki)


BEL said...

wow! it's gorgeous! reminds me a lot of where we are hosting ours. glad to hear you loved the cement floor because my mom keeps telling us it'll be horrible but i hate the idea of spending money on a dance floor and covering up what's already there and looks the best!

{acp} said...

only tiny downfall was my dress got really dirty at the bottom by the end of the night but i think it would have no matter what... and by that point - who cares, it's going to need dry cleaning anyway. it was just dirt, came totally clean and i was happy to not be dealing with grass stains.