April 13, 2009

sweet shoes

This weekend was like Christmas as my parents arrived from the States with all the goodies I've ordered for the wedding. Everything is wonderful! Ties, Paper, Address Stamp, Guest Book and last but not least - my shoes! They couldn't be more perfect, I just adore them. Wonderful quality and they're actually comfortable. The colour is perfection, just the right shade of chartreuse (moreso than the photo). And they were a steal - only $27US from Nina.


mel said...

love these!
lol and they'll so great for walking in farm fields ;)
what does the backup pair look like?

{acp} said...

my backups are a pair my grandma gave me years ago and they're very pretty as well. same kind of style but they're silver. since they're about 50 years old they're in need of a little repair but i love them and will probably wear both pairs throughout the day.